Alleged criminal re-arrested for stealing to pay legal fees

Posted Dec 31, 2015 by Kavelle Christie
Some learn the hard way. A 27-year-old Edgewater man who was arrested for allegedly running a stolen gift card ring, was jailed a second time after posting bail, when he attempted to sell an additional 1,000 gift cards to pay his legal fees.
Prison cell.
Prison cell.
Michael Coghlan
According to the Volusia County police, James Holcombe, was rearrested Tuesday afternoon, after allegedly contacting an internet-based company to attempt to sell the stolen merchandise. Sheriff's spokesman, Gary Davidson said, Holcombe told the company's sales agent he needed to raise money for his legal fees.
He was charged with one count of dealing in stolen property and is being held on $20,000 bail.
The younger Holcombe and his father, Dale Holcombe, 52, of South Daytona, were initially arrested on December 14 after a seven-month investigation revealed they owned stores which bought gift cards from people who stole items from other stores. The police explained that the thieves would return stolen goods and get gift cards from stores, which they then sold for half price to the Holcombes,
According to the police, the Holcombes who owned Cash for Gift Card stores in Daytona Beach and Deltona would resell the stolen gift cards in bulk to Internet-based companies. Their stores' bank accounts accumulating as much as $1.98 million over a nine-month period. During a raid two weeks ago, investigators seized 10,442 gift cards.
The investigation also showed that the Holcombes knew the gift cards they bought were stolen items. The police also said, multiple transactions reviewed by investigators showed that 82 percent of the customers were known criminals.
Both Holcombes were charged with racketeering and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering. The police say the men were among 23 people arrested in an investigation dubbed “Operation Plastic Paradise.”