Hoverboards banned by multiple airlines

Posted Dec 12, 2015 by Owen Weldon
Three of the largest airlines in the United States, United, American and Delta, placed hoverboards on the no-fly list earlier this week.
The ban comes after reports have surfaced about the devices bursting into flames without warning.
There have been 10 reports of hoverboard fires in nine states. The fires broke out in Alabama, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, Louisiana, California and Florida.
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched an investigation into the reported fires. A spokeswoman with the agency said the investigation is a high-priority because of the sudden popularity of the devices.
Delta, America and United are not the only airlines to have a ban in place. JetBlue and British Airways also don't want people to bring hoverboards onto planes.
One of the main concerns is the risk that the hoverboards will overheat and catch fire during a flight.
United said its ban took effect immediately, while Delta's ban went into effect on Friday and American's ban starts today (Saturday).
Hoverboards are the size of a skateboard and they are motorized. Users stand on them and lean in the direction they want to go in. Hoverboards have been a hot gift item at many retailers.