Review: A Marvel Universe divided: 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer

Posted Nov 25, 2015 by Adam Mock
With the hype machine running at full speed, ‘Captain America: Civil War’ pulls no punches as it turns the fan-boy dial to 11.
Poster for  Captain America: Civil War
Poster for 'Captain America: Civil War'
Marvel Studios
Who would have guessed that Captain America, a pretty one-dimensional hero, would become the Jason Bourne this generation didn't know it wanted? Not aware the trailer was dropping, Captain America: Civil War graced the world and boy-howdy, this is one to watch.
Having finally found Bucky, his best friend/Winter Soldier, Captain America (Chris Evans) tries to clear Bucky's name after Hydra brainwashed and modified him to become a weapon. Enter Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), pushing a registration act which would out people with super powers, a move which Cap feels would put those with special abilities in danger of unfair persecution. Insert fight scenes a-plenty and oh, the cameos!
Based on the popular comic run, Civil War brings the spy thriller feel without losing the flash-bang of a comic book movie, a staple held true though out the Captain America franchise. Having had a couple of hiccups with fan reaction to Thor: The Dark World as well as Avengers: Age of Ultron, not to mention juggling the number of characters needed for a story, Disney/Marvel still have a rock solid track record for successful films. Even their lesser movies are better than most.
Joe and Anthony Russo are back behind the lens to bring their tight storytelling and eye for spectacle. After the home run hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier, confidence is definitely established for their ability to handle the franchise.
Peppered with old and new characters, hints for future stories get a proper teasing. Captain America: Civil War is shaping up be one of the heavy hitters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A huge recommend, check out the trailer for yourself and be your own critic. I'm just here to help-- and geek out. Enjoy.