Review: The Force Awakens — Trailer

Posted Oct 20, 2015 by Adam Mock
With expectations higher than ever before, 'Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens' brings a new hope to a series that many hold as scripture.
Lucasfilms Ltd
From first watch, Star Wars: The Force Awakens second trailer does little to further what is already known from what the good folks at Disney have thrown out there until the films release in December. More of a visual spectical than a narrative giveaway, the preview showcases the films technical aspects, which are absolutely stunning. Admittedly, not knowing much about the plot may be for the best. (The screams of a million fanboys and girls crying out at my lack of savvy on the subject can be heard echoing though out the Internet.) To be fair, this article is geared more towards those not fully initiated into Star Wars universe. The casual viewer if you will.
Fans of the franchise are rabidly loyal and have had their ups and downs when it comes to the handling of the beloved property. Paving the way for sci-fi becoming a genre main stream audiences could enjoy en masse, George Lucas and his claim to fame created the template for how it's done after the blockbuster success of Star Wars: A New Hope back in 1977. The sequels quickly became as worshiped as the original, eventually spawning the much-maligned prequels as well as a slew of touch-ups and unasked-for special editions. Though since the sale of Star Wars to Disney, all seems forgiven.
Which takes us to the present. With confidence behind celebrated director J.J. Abrams, The Force Awakens looks to be the chapter to pull the series out of a past skid. Smartly blending CGI with finely tuned practical effects, Star Wars has gone back to the balance which breaths a more realistic life into its non-human characters. Young talents Adam Driver, Billie Lourd, Oscar Isaac, and John Boyega star along side past alumns Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammil, bringing the story full circle, and adding the warmth of familiarity without the stunt casting.
So, sit back and get a dose of some much needed nostalgia. And remember, always let the Wookie win.
Opens December 18, 2015