Interview: Singer Meghan Linsey on her new makeup range Special

Posted Oct 6, 2015 by Adrian Peel
The blonde bombshell tells Digital Journal all about her exciting new business endeavour, "Believer by Meghan Linsey," named after her six-track EP of the same name.
Meghan Linsey
Meghan Linsey
Mike Gowen
Although she had already achieved success as one half of celebrated country duo Steel Magnolia, New Orleans-born starlet Meghan Linsey's career was given a new lease of life thanks to an impressive run on popular TV talent show The Voice in early 2015.
The singer-songwriter, a resident of Nashville for the past 11 years, finished in second place behind eventual winner Sawyer Fredericks, wowing the judges and the general public with powerful renditions of "Love Hurts," "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman," "Girl Crush" and "Amazing Grace," to name but a few.
A high-charting EP entitled Believer followed in July and now the 29 year old has announced a surely soon to be sought-after collection of makeup, a collaboration with Previse and Modern Minerals.
When we spoke, it was the day after Meghan had sung the National Anthem at the Cowboys, Saints NFL game in her hometown stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
"I'm really excited," she enthuses. "I love to sing and write songs, but I've always wanted to do other things besides that. I have aspirations to have a clothing line one day and to expand the beauty brand. It's cool to be able to finally do something like this."
Discussing her love of beauty products, Linsey recalls, "I had older sisters growing up, so I would always sneak into their makeup. I'd be running around trying to wear their high-heeled shoes and stealing their clothes. It's definitely a passion and something I've been into since I was a little kid."
The all-natural products include eyeshadow, lip plumper and primer, and interestingly Meghan designed some of them herself. "I did. I actually came up with the lip plumper colour and worked with Modern Minerals on that. We also did the eyeshadow together, so it was fun to put my own personal stamp on it."
"I am very ambitious, aren't I?!" laughs the glamourous entrepreneur, whose recent EP debuted at number six on the iTunes Pop Charts, when asked which other avenues she'd like to explore. "I think a fragrance would be great... There's a lot of different things I'd love to do. You live once and you've got to just go out there and get it."
We left the subject of makeup and moved onto music. "I've been playing a lot of shows... I'm home for four days in October, I'm out on the road the rest of the time. I'm trying to get out, play as many shows as I can and just do what I love."
I brought up the fact that the EP leans more towards soul than country, the genre in which this talented artist, who at present is busy working on new music to put out next year, first made her name. Was that intentional?
"I don't know whether it was an intention, as much as it was just where I'm at at this point in my life... I think I'm really comfortable in my own skin and with where I come from. I grew up in New Orleans and started singing in bands when I was 14.
"It's really in my blood, the whole soul thing, and I've brought that element to my country music in the past. But I think it was time to make a record that I wanted to make and if that meant it was more soulful, then great."
Believer is out now. Digital Journal's interview with Meghan from a few months back can be viewed here.
For more information on Meghan Linsey and her beauty products, visit her official website.