'Good guy with gun' shoots carjacking victim in head, runs off

Posted Sep 28, 2015 by Megan Hamilton
A "good guy with a gun" attempted to stop a carjacking Saturday night and the whole thing went horribly wrong when he allegedly shot the pickup truck's owner in the head and then fled the scene, Houston police say.
File photo/illustration.
File photo/illustration.
The shooting took place in north Houston around 11:15 p.m. at a Valero gas station, KHOU Channel 11 News.
Police say that two men jumped the truck's owner and took off with it.
A struggle between the carjackers and the car-owner ensued, and a passerby, seeing what was going on, produced a gun and fired several shots, missing the thieves and instead striking the victim in the head, The Raw Story reports.
The shooter gathered up the shell casings off the pavement and fled the scene. The injured man was rushed to a local hospital where he is in stable condition.
The thieves are still at large, police say, adding that the victim's truck was found a few blocks away, Click2Houston reports.
It's worth noting that Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has said if the victims in the Aurora, Colorado theater shootings had carried guns, the outcome might have been less tragic. NRA board member Charles Cotton has also said that the Charleston Church shootings would not have occurred had the church members been armed, but as this incident demonstrates, ReverbPress notes, incidents involving a 'good guy with a gun' can go tragically wrong.