Stefan Vanel talks upcoming shows with 'The Supernaturalists' Special

Posted Aug 31, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
The "Grandmaster" of card manipulation, Stefan Vanel, chatted with Digital Journal about his experience on the ensemble magic show "The Supernaturalists."
Card manipulation master Stefan Vanel
Card manipulation master Stefan Vanel
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On the commercial success of "The Supernaturalists," he said, "It has been very good. I was very surprised to see how many people came to the first show with limited promotion. It had a good response from the crowd, so I was very happy."
For his magic routine, Vanel tries to make it very visual for the viewers, so he uses jumbo cards and most of his moves are large and precise. "Criss helped me create a different style and a different look, and I am very happy with the result," he said. "At first, I didn't know what to expect working with this team, but then I realized it was an opportunity and a great chance to be working with so many talented people, and a magician who is successful worldwide."
As a kid, Vanel was overly shy, so his father, who is a doctor, inspired him to pursue magic as a good way to help him overcome his shyness. It is safe to say that it worked.
"The Supernaturalists" will be performing at State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey, from September 18 until 20. "I am very excited. We are literally rehearsing eight of nine hours a day to perfect the show, because Criss [Angel] is a perfectionist. It is really good to work with somebody who has very high expectations. That pushes you to work very hard every day," Vanel said.
On being dubbed "The Grandmaster of Card Manipulation" by Criss Angel, he said, "I have been doing card manipulations for 25 years, so to be called that by Criss is a real honor."
To learn more about "The Supernaturalists" and their upcoming shows in New Jersey, check out their official website.