Banachek discusses fall tour dates with 'The Supernaturalists' Special

Posted Aug 25, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
World renowned mentalist Banachek of "The Supernaturalists" chatted with Digital Journal about their upcoming tour, which kicks off on September 18.
Mentalist Banachek
Mentalist Banachek
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They will be performing at State Theatre of New Brunswick on September 18, 19 and 20. "We are coming up to New Jersey. We actually started out in Foxwoods on June 25, and we sold a record-breaking 40,000 tickets in just one location, and that was the most successful launch for any magic ensemble in history," Banachek said. "Now, we are back in Vegas, and we are rehearsing some of our back-ups, and then, we start going out on the road."
Their magic show, "The Supernaturalists" is created and directed by Criss Angel, who also serves as its executive producer. "Criss brought in nine different acts, and he created brand new acts from the bottom up for every single person," Banachek said. "We did that with every single magician. That was all from the mind of Criss Angel. His footprint is on every single aspect of that show. He is fully involved."
Aside from being on "The Supernaturalists," Banachek was also featured an a consultant on Criss Angel's "Mindfreak" television series, as well as his "Believe" series on Spike TV. "I was on the 'Believe' show for the 10 episodes that we did for Spike TV, and I also did over 100 episodes for Criss Angel's 'Mindfreak' series on A&E," he said.
Banachek praised Angel for his hard work ethic. "What people don't realize about Criss is that he is the hardest worker. He is there before everybody else, and then right before he has two shows at The Luxor that he performs every evening when he heads back over there. He doesn't get home until after midnight, and he is up before everybody else," Banachek said.
For more information on "The Supernaturalists" and their fall tour dates, check out their official website.