Op-Ed: Google’s latest updates mean improved business dealings

Posted Jul 9, 2015 by Jenna Cyprus
Google is many things. It’s a know-all hub of information and services for the consumer and an intricate web of big data and useful tools for businesses.
Google is many things. It’s a know-all hub of information and services for the consumer and an intricate web of big data and useful tools for businesses. Thanks to some of Google’s latest updates to their data collection methods and their core ranking algorithm, the service is even more beneficial to businesses than ever.
Big Data Collections
The benefit is mostly due to the massive collection of big data. Wikipedia defines big data as "any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications." The definition is generic, but it’s the best we have to describe something so complex and intricate. These data sets are a gold mine for businesses, which can use the data to improve the customer experience.
Google is a master at collecting limitless amounts of data and using it to improve the search experience for consumers. It also offers this data collection as a service to businesses who can use the data to improve their own customer experiences. They receive this data by analyzing search histories, buying patterns, customer profiles, and more, which is very useful for companies in understanding their customers and what they desire.
Google has gone one step further, recently, and is now offering a unique service that allows businesses to store their big data collections. It’s called Google Cloud Bigtable, and it’s a cloud-based storage system that offers the ability to organize, analyze, and execute big data for more efficient business processing. It’s revolutionizing the way big data is being used for the customer experience in businesses.
Google Algorithm Updates
The latest Google algorithm updates mean a dip in rankings for some, but for those who play it smart, it means a significant leap ahead of competitors. This year alone, three Google algorithm updates have rolled out to change the way the search engine calculates rankings. Here are the two that are most helpful for businesses:
The Quality Update, May 3, 2015: This update is sometimes called the Phantom Update, and it refers to a change in the core ranking algorithm to focus on passing only high quality signals in content. This puts a major emphasis on publishing only high quality content, which is actually a major benefit for businesses. After all, 61 percent of people are more likely to make a purchase if they feel that the content is high quality, according to Unbounce.
Mobile Update, April 22, 2015: This update, sometimes referred to as Mobilegeddon, urges businesses to create responsive websites or suffer decreased rankings. Many companies have still not implemented this change to their website, allowing the competitors who monitor Google updates a head start. Google is doing businesses another favor here, since 61 percent of users will use a competitor’s website for a good or service if the website does not load quickly on a mobile device, according to OptinMonster.
These are just a few of the ways the Google is improving the ease and efficiency of online business. Businesses today are benefitting nonstop through its vast collection of data and its thorough knowledge of the consumer – don’t get left behind.