Video: Fun recipes for the Fourth of July Commissioned

Posted Jul 2, 2015 by Digital Journal Staff
With the Fourth of July fast approaching, chances are you're also thinking about some festive food from the occasion. A video series has some simple and fun suggestions.
American flag
American flag
Roger Sayles
Sure, for the Fourth of July you may be thinking of firing up the barbecue and putting on some hamburgers and hot dogs, but if you're feeling extra "patriotic" this year, a new series of videos can help you make some artfully arranged desserts and appetizers.
In the first video, you can learn how to make a frozen yogurt cake with a twist — the cake has hidden stars for that extra dose of patriotism. All it takes is spooning some frozen yogurt into star-shaped molds and covering them with some blue frozen yogurt, and voila, a cake with hidden stars.
If you're not into frozen yogurt, the next video will show you how to make a healthy plate of vegetables with dill dip, of course arranged to resemble an American flag. The dip recipe is easy to follow, and then it'll be up to you to arrange the "stripes" of the flag using vegetables like cauliflower, radish, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and much more.
The next video goes a bit more traditional with a "flag cake" that doesn't need much more than a heaping helping of blueberries and strawberries or raspberries, plus lots of frosting. You don't need to be the Cake Boss to make this "American flag" look good.
Finally, a wordless video shows you how to create some "patriotic" skewers using just strawberries, blueberries and bananas. Make enough of them and you can arrange them to create a little American flag.
Whatever you decide to do this holiday weekend, remember to also keep cool and protect yourself from the sun.