Viral Video: Kanye West is mashed by the great Freddie Mercury

Posted Jul 1, 2015 by Carol Ruth Weber
No one can really predict what will make a video viral beforehand, but when Kanye West destroys a classic hit people are sure to take notice. Freddie Mercury, the late great song master of Queen, makes a video comeback in this viral video hit.
Hiphop artist Kanye West
Hiphop artist Kanye West
Rodrigo Ferrari
Kanye West loves the limelight and may ache to be King but he has lost his battle against a true Queen of rock, Freddie Mercury. In a video compiled by Sam Valorose and shared June 29 on Q104.3 FM's Facebook page one can see the true lack of talent that Kanye West has, as well as respect for the famed Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody.
What was West thinking, or not thinking, or not rehearsing!
Valorose was brilliant in mashing up West's pitiful performance of the Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics "Mama, just killed a man", along with Mercury singing his hit in his lovely voice as if rising from the grave like an angel to remind all what real talent should sound like.
The under one minute video opens with West attempting to sing the song. We see Mercury's face looking as if in disbelief and then laughing before everyone views Mercury singing the song himself in his beautiful masterful voice. As we listen to Mercury sing his famed classic, West is shown with his miserable unsmiling face as if beaten down in a battle he had no chance of winning.
Within hours the video went viral as people shared the mashup forward as if in a tribute to Mercury. The comments posted clearly relayed the disbelief in just how much West mangled the classic hit. West should take this as a humbling moment reading comments such as "Freddie hands down. that's a joke right? The only thing that Kanye is good at is making a fool of himself" and "Funny how an Kanye West audience sings a song of a singer that has passed away 25 years ago and knows all the words to the song. I highly doubt anyone even knows Kanye West 25 years from now. That's the difference between real talent and just a show. Freddie will never die, Kanye will be forgotten one week after his death."