City in Norway building highway for bees

Posted Jun 27, 2015 by Owen Weldon
Oslo, the capital of Norway, is in the process of creating what is known as a "bee highway," which will provide them with a safe route through the city.
Aerial view of the Bygdøy Peninsula  Oslo  Norway.
Aerial view of the Bygdøy Peninsula, Oslo, Norway.
Kon-tiki Museum
The highway will be complete with resting spots, food sources and even places to live. The environmental organization Bybi is leading the program and secured funding from local companies. Some of the companies have provided dedicated homes for the bees by kitting out terraces and rooftops with hives alongside plants that produce pollen.
The head of Bybi, Agnes Lyche Melvaer, said that people are always reshaping their environment to meet their needs, but they tend to forget that there are other species living in it too. Melvaer said that in order to correct this, they need to return places to bees for them to live and feed.
The idea behind the project is to encourage people to plant flowers along the highway that cuts from the northwest of the city to the southeast of the city, via its center, connecting three larger green spaces, which already exist.
Over in America, there is also a pollinator pathway initiative in Seattle. There are even plans to make U.S. Interstate 35 a friendly route for monarch butterflies. The route runs between Minnesota and Texas.