Someone posted a photo of what looks like brain in KFC meal

Posted Jun 21, 2015 by Owen Weldon
A disgusted Kentucky Fried Chicken fan posted a photo of his meal after something that looked like a brain that was hidden under the crispy batter.
Kentucky Fried Chicken sign
Kentucky Fried Chicken sign
Steve Webel
The man posted the photo on Reddit, and since then it has been viewed thousands of times. One commenter pointed out that the image appeared to show a rib cage and a spine.
The commenter said that the part is attached to the backbone, which is connected to the ribs. The commenter continued and said that this is almost always attached when one buys bone in breasts, and it sticks out as odd when they are cooked.
However, the general consensus on Reddit was that the meat was chicken liver and not a brain.
It was just last week when the KFC "rat" photo surfaced and got the internet talking. However, in that case, it wasn't actually a rat, it was just two pieces of fried chicken put together.
As of now, KFC hasn't released a statement in regards to the latest photo.
A few weeks ago, the fast-food chain started legal proceedings against a few Chinese companies. KFC alleges that these companies deliberately circulated damaging and defamatory, as well as false rumors on social media that questioned the quality of the restaurant's food sources.