Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler releases his first country song

Posted May 14, 2015 by Marcus Hondro
There is mellowing as you get older and then there is Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. Tyler, formerly of the bad lifestyle and the very epitome of rock-and-roll singers, has released a country song. A country song?
Steven Tyler from Aerosmith (R).
Steven Tyler from Aerosmith (R).
Rick Diamond, Getty Images for Big Machine Label Group
Steve Tyler goes country
He's been talking about it for a few months and finally debuted it on American Idol this week and released it Wednesday. The song is called Love is Your Name and was a big hit on the broadcast. His first country recording - it wasn't written by Tyler - has an auto-harp (not so country) and fiddles and a banjo (very country).
The vocals are gruff and certainly indicate that the singer has a rock-and-roll pedigree. There is none of that real high-pitched stuff he's done on Aerosmith songs such as 1973's Dream On, but then that was 42 years ago and the first thing to go with age is the higher-pitches. Tyler, the newly-minted country crooner, is 67.
He recorded Love is Your Name at the Blackbird Studios in Nashville with the well-known producer, Dann Huff. The writing credits go to Lindsey Lee, once a backup singer for Miley Cyrus, and Eric Paslay, who co-wrote the band Love and Theft's country hit Angel Eyes.
Aerosmith 'Blue Army' tour
Moving to Nashville in January, Tyler has been recording there since and the song is part of his solo country album that will be released later this year after Aerosmith's 'Blue Army' tour that gets underway on June 13.
The 13-American and 3-Canadian venue tour sees them play cities just a tad smaller than what they were once accustomed to back in the day, such as Minot, North Dakota and Fort McMurray, Alberta. Country music might go over well those cities but the tour is strictly rock-and-roll.
There was no Joe Perry or the rest of the rock players Tyler is associated with on his first country single; Love is Your Name was recorded with a backing band with the rather mellow name of 'Loving Mary.'