There's a dildo with an urn in it

Posted Apr 27, 2015 by Owen Weldon
A Dutch designer has created a way for people to keep their lost late spouse closer to their heart, by creating a dildo with an urn in it.
Shaking hands with someone
Shaking hands with someone
The designer behind the dildo is Mark Sturkenboom, and the product he designed is intended for widows. He said the dildo will help recapture the feelings of intimacy, which is sometimes lost with bereavement.
The official name for the product is '21 Grams' and that is the weight the human soul is to hold. There are a number of things the box contains, including the scent of his aftershave, a transparent dildo housing the ashes and an acoustic amplifier.
Sturkenboom's site says that by bringing the various nostalgic moments together can open a window that allows people to go back to moments of intimacy and love. The site also says that there is room for an iPhone that can play music.
Sturkenboom said that sometimes he helps an elderly woman with her groceries, and that there is an urn that contains the remains of her husband, and the urn is located near the window. He said that the woman speaks with so much love about him, but the urn didn't reflect it at all.
The memory box also has a key, which ensures the only one who can access it is the owner.