Three friends find their 'twin-stranger' and it freaks them out

Posted Apr 22, 2015 by George Varkey
When three friends decided to make a bet to see who would first find, their ‘twin-stranger’ from across the world, little were they expecting that their quest would in fact yield results.
Within days after they set up their Facebook page ‘Twin Strangers’, responses in the form of photographs, started flooding in for all three of them from across the world. While Terence Manzanga and Harry English found twins that have some similarity to them, 26-year old Niamh Geaney found not just one, but four women with striking similarity to her.
Most of the photographs were sent by people who thought that they look like one of these three friends, but there were also several submissions by people who thought that someone they knew personally have similar features.
One of them, 29-year-old Karen Branigan, lives just an hour drive from Niamh’s home. Recently both met in Dublin, where Niamh lives and this meeting was filmed and uploaded online.
According to Niamh, Karen looked more similar to her than some of her sisters and that it was very difficult for her not to stare.
“There were times when she pulled some expressions and I was so wonderstruck that some of those looked exactly like me. Numerous times I felt that this is so freaky,” she said.
The video that was uploaded online shows Karen and Niamh putting on makeup on each other to see how similar they could look and the end result turned out to be ‘freaky’ as Niamh explains. They looked like identical twins.
The men too received numerous submissions and though they have not yet met their doppelganger in person, they are busy selecting the ones that closely resemble them. Harry English found his twin-stranger in Alan Harper, Shane McCormick and Clouseau. Terence Manzanga found Eliott and Roman as two candidates who look similar to him.
Meanwhile in a video released today, Niamh Geaney announced that she found three more women that look like her; Maeve from London, Ann-Laure from France and Carmen from Belgium. She added that the quest to find twins from across the world continues for all of them and requested viewers to send their submissions and subscribe their channel to keep update on their journey.