'Furious 7' will leave the rest in its dust

Posted Apr 2, 2015 by Tim O'Brien
There is no question that "Furious 7" will win the weekend box office battle. In fact, there will be no battle. It will be so easy that the only thing to do is track how much it makes.
 Furious 7  in high gear.
"Furious 7" in high gear.
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It is also the only wide release that is out April 3. In reality, it gets going with those Thursday showings, but as is the norm, those figures do get added into Friday's numbers. That can be deceiving to some, but it gives a possible feel of how this will track, too. A huge Thursday usually bodes well for a solid weekend. Getting that Thursday buzz and word-of-mouth going can work well for a film.
For "Furious 7" it will not matter, however. It will be huge and it will set an opening April three-day weekend record. The record of $95 million was set in 2014 with "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"
The cast is back and also added star power. It seems like a movie that action stars want to be in as it has to be fun. Never mind the story, plot or plausibility here. This is a action film with cars, crashes and explosions. That hits for many and it will not go quietly.
Neither will Paul Walker. In this film, he is in it and then he is in it and then he is not. The film-makers are hoping the viewer cannot tell where the seam stats. Walker's brothers take over and because of the style of film this is, it may not really matter. But it is kind of creepy if it is thought about for a little while.
1. "Furious 7" - 3,900+ theaters
The cast list includes Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Lucas Black, Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou, Ronda Rousy, Tony Jaaa and Kurt Russell.
Diesel is also a producer and that is an indication of the need for him to make this film work, especially after his friend, Walker's death. He has been seen and heard making many sentimental statements regarding Walker. He even named his third child Pauline, in honor of his friend.
"Furious 7" may fall into that escapism category but the curiosity factor is playing big here for the first weekend. How the film deal with the death of Walker will play heavily on the minds of movie-goers. It has to, even for those who are not fans of the franchise.
And if the estimates are hit at around $115 million, that curiosity factor will score. But, estimates with certain winners of later have seen a $20 million swing in the film's favor. That is odd and it does show the changing nature of the business and trends. Social media has a big impact but also can give a false sense of security. A highly-buzzed social media project needs action, and for a movie, that means showing up.
Meanwhile, Porsche has issued a statement that its car was not the factor in the crash that killed Walker and the driver, Roger Rodas. The Wrap reported on court paper which were filed. The widow of Rodas (Kristine) filed the suit. In the suit it does place blame on the car company.
Walker was attending a charity event in Santa Clarita, CA on November 2013. He and Rodas took a drive in a Carrera GT. It crashed and burst into flames and the Lo Angeles County Sheriff's Department said the accident was because of high speed.
As for last week's winner, it will be around as it over-achieved last weekend. "Home" has a read good opening for Dreamworks and even if the usual 50 percent drop happens, that means it sits pretty. One thing that is certain, though, is that the second place finisher will be way behind the winner, "Furious 7."