Man says ISIS (girl's name) tattoo led to him getting fired

Posted Mar 22, 2015 by Owen Weldon
A New York man says he was fired because of his tattoo, which said ISIS. He claims that his ex-girlfriend was named ISIS.
The man, Kirk Soccorso, worked at a Home Depot home improvement store for six months. He said that he showed his co-workers his ISIS tattoo, which is located inside his bottom lip. He showed the tattoo to his co-workers after he heard them using the word.
Soccorso, a tool demonstrator, said that the store, as well as the company paying him, told him to not return. He says that he is being treated unfairly and that he is not a terrorist.
According to Soccorso, ISIS was the name of his now ex-girlfriend. He said she was named after the Egyptian goddess of nature, and that he got the tattoo about four years ago.
Soccorso said that it wasn't until recently that he found out that ISIS was an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a terrorist group.
Soccorso said that he feels a little lost, and the job he had paid well. He also said that he was just making conversation, and he had no intention of scaring anyone. He continued to say that he just wants a chance to get his job back.
A Home Depot spokesman commented and said Soccorso was fired due to other reasons, not just based on his tattoo.