Review: Martin Garrix and Usher infectious on 'Don't Look Down' single Special

Posted Mar 17, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
Global music superstars Usher and Martin Garrix released their new single "Don't Look Down" and it is absolutely infectious.
DJ and producer Martin Garrix
DJ and producer Martin Garrix
Courtesy of Martin Garrix's Facebook page
It was released today via Spinnin' Records and RCA Records. Usher nails the lead vocals, while Garrix is sensational on the synths and electronic beats, which are mesmerizing.
"I kinda feel like I feel like I saw the light, You got me way up a thousand miles, Can we stay right here in this atmosphere, Or are you afraid to fall," Usher sings.
Their single's lyric video may be seen on YouTube below:
The Verdict
Overall, Martin Garrix and Usher's new single "Don't Look Down" is uplifting and a pleasant listen that is worthy of the repeat button on mp3 and CD players. It garners 4.5 out of 5 stars. It deserves to become a smash hit for both mega-stars. At 18 years old, Garrix proves to be an electronic dance music (EDM) master.
Fans can check out their "Don't Look Down" collaboration on iTunes, by clicking here.
For more information on world renowned DJ Martin Garrix, check out his official website.