NFL Trade Rumors: Adrian Peterson to Arizona Cardinals?

Posted Mar 16, 2015 by Larry Seely
Its been a great start to the NFL off-season with several big name free agents signing with new teams, but the biggest surprise is the trades that have taken place and the biggest could be in the works with the Vikings looking to deal Adrian Peterson.
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson crossed the 100-yard plateau in a win over the Detroi...
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson crossed the 100-yard plateau in a win over the Detroit Lions
Peterson sat out last season because of off-field issues in Texas, but the All Pro running back is looking to continue his football career in 2015 and its not likely in Minnesota.
Several possible destinations have been linked to the 29-year-old, with the latest rumors having the former first round pick headed to Arizona. The Cardinals have struggled to run the football effectively over the last few years and adding a player like Peterson could make this franchise a Super Bowl contender next season.
The other big name associated with this possible trade is Larry Fitzgerald, who grew up in Minnesota and was a ball boy for the team when he was younger. NBC Sports is the latest to report a possible deal between the two teams and a closer look could make this a win-win situation for both franchises.
Arizona was one of the better passing teams in the NFL last season, but injuries at quarterback hurt the Cards over the last half of the season and any chance this team had at winning in the playoffs. Adding a star running back would make this one of the best offenses in football and take the pressure off whoever is under center in 2015.
Minnesota is coming off another poor season and looking to build some positive public relations with the fans. The front office has already made some big moves over the last couple of weeks and with a solid NFL Draft, could gain ranks on the other teams in the NFC North.
Not many deals work in favor of both teams, but the Vikings and Cardinals could both use some help and if this trade goes down, both will be improved in the upcoming football season.