Anonymous Spider-Man feeds homeless in the UK

Posted Mar 15, 2015 by Nancy Houser
The average person in the world seems to be desperately seeking a hero, a superhero, or maybe someone who just does good. In the UK, an anonymous Spider-Man is being warmly welcomed as he walks the streets of Birmingham at night, feeding the homeless.
A scene from  The Amazing Spider-Man 2
A scene from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
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Slowly becoming the favorite superhero of all superheroes is the UK's new anonymous Spider-Man, feeding the homeless and helping those who are the most vulnerable, with a kind word, some food and water, and a little cash.
The unusual aspect of the UK's anonymous Spider-Man is that nobody knows his real identity as he wishes to remain an unknown. But he has shared two things — he is 20 years old and a bartender. He uses his own money to buy sandwiches and a bottle of water to feed the homeless and those who have not eaten yet that day. On good days, he buys a pizza and a bottle of water for those in need.
“I’ve learned that everyone is the same, we’re all part of the human experience and I…believe that we need to look at everyone as humans and help each other the same as we would a close friend,” he said in a statement to Huffington Post.
Why Spider-Man?
There are so many superheroes out in the public, one would wonder why this young man chose to wear the Spider-Man outfit? So Emma Lord of the Bustle asked him .... well, why?
" ... the anonymous Spiderman says that wearing it has been imperative to drawing more people’s attention toward the persistent problem of homelessness in Birmingham."
Conversing with Lord, the Bustle author, the young Spider-Man felt that when he was handing out food at the beginning, no one really cared about who he was or even what he was doing. But once he put on the brightly-colored Spider-Man outfit, people became more interested in what he was doing, as he was Spider-Man. He drew attention to himself, helping people around the homeless want to become more involved.
An article by Huffington Post went into more of who the anonymous Spider-Man was as a person. He has worked in volunteer fields for a long time, not just feeding the homeless as Spider-Man. But a month ago is when he started the night shift as the superhero.
He purchases sandwiches with this own money, beginning around 9 p.m. He follows the comic book story by putting on his Spider-Man outfit in some quiet alley. Then he goes out and begins feeding the hungry homeless.
"The Birmingham Spider-Man's good deeds have already attracted the attention of many community members, who have offered to donate money. The do-gooder doesn't accept their donations, and instead, urges them to go out and get involved."