After Chelsea fans deny black man on Metro, now green man denied

Posted Feb 26, 2015 by Kev Hedges
A spoof video has gone viral following the incident in Paris, where a small number of football supporters prevented a black commuter from alighting a Paris Metro train.
London Underground train at the Central Line platforms of Oxford Circus tube station. Terrorists of ...
London Underground train at the Central Line platforms of Oxford Circus tube station. Terrorists of the Real Irish Republican Army seeking to carry out an attack during the Olympics may go after softer targets like those of public transport systems and shopping centers if the Games prove to be too hard of a target.
Jessica C
It was on the Paris Metro when a small number of football hooligans, who were travelling back from the Champions League game between Paris St. Germain and Chelsea, when chanting supporters shoved and jostled a commuter and prevented him from boarding the metro. The Chelsea fans allegedly pushed a black man called Souleymane, preventing him from boarding a metro train while chanting: “We’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”
Metropolitan Police in London have already spoken to three men about the incident after their CCTV images were captured on the Parisian underground.
Now the latest "victim" is a green man dressed as a Martian who attempts to embark upon an underground train in London. The spoof video is set in the London Underground of the future when aliens from Mars are walking among us and features a small number of football hooligans on board a train heading towards Queen's Park station.
As the train approaches its stop at Oxford Circus, one of London's busiest underground stations, the "football hooligans" spot the alien man, dressed up in a green Martian suit and carrying a backpack, and begin abusing him. At first they are seen jostling the green man and denying him entry onto the train, all the while bemused passengers look on uneasily from the platform.
The "hooligans" tell the green alien to "get back to your own planet" and chant witty banter like "we hate Martians" but the alien is about to get the last laugh as he imposes a deafening sonic ray on the mock football hooligans and renders them all incapacitated on the floor of the busy Oxford Circus platform. You can watch the video in full here.