Review: M Callahan delights on new country ballad 'This Ain't Right' Special

Posted Feb 19, 2015 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer and songwriter M Callahan is back with his new single, the soothing and heartfelt ballad "This Ain't Right."
Country singer M Callahan
Country singer M Callahan
Photo Courtesy of Cj Stevens
M Callahan really tugs at the heart on this poignant song "This Ain't Right," told from the perspective of the child. He really shows his fans his soft side and sincere storytelling ability. The track comes from his Trailer Park Paradise EP.
It has already been well-received by fans and made an impact on the country charts. "Very happy to say that 'This Ain't Right' is now at the No.1 position on Europes Hotdisc Country Chart! Big thanks to my co-writer/producer Michael Hunter Ochs," Callahan posted on his official Facebook page.
Country fans can check out M Callahan's song "This Ain't Right" on iTunes, by clicking here.
The Verdict
Overall, M Callahan delivers on his new single. He showcases his vulnerability to his audience and natural talent. He epitomizes what country music is all about: great lyrics with moving stories. It is no wonder that he made Digital Journal's list of "Top 10 Male Country Singers to Watch." It is safe to say that Callahan is on the right path. This song garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.
For more information on country singer M Callahan and "This Ain't Right," check out his official website.