'American Sniper' is box office winner for Oscar-nominated films

Posted Feb 18, 2015 by Tim O'Brien
A box office total for a movie has nothing to do with its chance for Oscar glory. If it did, "American Sniper" would be the favorite.
 Sniper  does it again.
"Sniper" does it again.
Box Office Mojo
However, that is not the case as it still seems to be a battle between the two "B" movies. No, not in the same sense of what is usually thought of when a B-movie gets discussed. This means "Boyhood" and "Birdman" and they are the two likely contenders.
But, because of the voting structure among the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "Sniper" is still among the talk for many.
If it was for best box office, "American Sniper" would win, but it is not. Here are the Best Picture contenders and the box office take so far (as of Feb. 18).
Best Picture, domestic figures only
"American Sniper" - $306,478,136
"The Imitation Game" - $80,311,825
"The Grand Budapest Hotel" - $59,100,318
"Selma" - $48,514,386
"Birdman" - $36,630,755
"The Theory of Everything" - $33,339,004
"Boyhood" - $25,221,016
"Whiplash" - $10,525,000
This year there are only eight Best Picture nominees, but the Academy allows up to 10. Box Office Mojo reports that the average gross for them is $75,015,055. The total gross is $600,120,440.
Of course, these figures will change by the time the Oscars get handed out Sunday, Feb. 22, in Hollywood. But, not by much since many runs have slowed down. Also, the take for "American Sniper" does actually get added to 2014 since the movie opened on Dec. 25, 2014.
Most of the money "American Sniper" has made has taken place in 2015, however. It went wide in January. In fact, all these film's box office totals are added to 2014. It is just so much more noticeable with "Sniper."
As of Feb. 17, Oscar voting closed.