Watch McDonald's employee trash restaurant after being fired

Posted Feb 9, 2015 by JohnThomas Didymus
A customer filmed an employee's epic meltdown at a McDonald's in St. Paul, Minnesota, after he was fired. The furious ex-employee was caught on camera smashing and trashing everything in sight in the area behind the counter.
The video, titled "McDonald's Employee Gets Fired And Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN," was posted to YouTube on February 8, 2015, by YouTube user Abelaj50. It has since been viewed more than 70,000 times.
It shows the angry ex-employee, still in his red McDonald's employee t-shirt, cursing and swearing as he goes on a rampage, trashing the restaurant after he was fired: Glasses, trays, cups, drinks are thrown to the floor while bemused customers looked on.
A customer faces the camera and says, "Man, I don't know what is going on."
The ex-employee soon walks out of sight to the kitchen area where he can be heard still shouting, cursing and swearing as he proceeds to smash things up.
"You treat me like s***. I get treated like s***! B**** give me my f****** pay! I was nice to you,b****!"
He continues throwing things to the floor and ranting with expletives after a man, who appears to be the manager, tells him to leave. The man trails him, pointing to the door, urging him to leave.
He says, "You need to leave. Please. Just leave."
But the irate employee shouts at the manager, "Shut the f**k up." He adds, "Pay for that," as he tips over something.
He finally begins to put on his coat while still shouting.
Much of what he said while rampaging behind the counter, knocking things over, was inaudible. But the little the viewer can glean from the shrill, expletive-ridden tirade, suggests he believed he was being owed part of his pay.
The employee's meltdown comes soon after McDonald's launched, as part of the "I'm Loving It" marketing campaign, its "Pay With Lovin'" publicity stunt, which allows randomly selected customers to pay for their meals with a greeting, such as a hug or a high-five.
While everyone is wondering what caused this ex-employee's ugly fit of rage, he can be heard at one point demanding to be paid $20. This has led some viewers to wonder whether McDonald's withheld some of the employee's pay, rewarding him with some "lovin'" instead.
But judging from the destruction shown in the video -- beginning at about the 0.43 mark -- the ex-employee has certainly caused more damage than $20.