Artist Jun Aquino praises Pacquiao for promoting his artworks

Posted Feb 7, 2015 by Leo Reyes
Rising Filipino artist Jun Aquino praised Congressman Manny Pacquiao for choosing his boxing-inspired artwork as gift to US President Barack Obama during his recent visit to Washington, DC on the occasion of the 63rd annual US National Prayer Breakfast.
Boxing-inspired painting by Jun Aquino
Boxing-inspired painting by Jun Aquino
Jun Aquino/MP Promotions
Aquino was surprised when he heard on prime time news that Pacquiao presented his painting to Obama when they met for the second time at the state capital.
Pacquiao first met Obama in 2011 when the fighting congressman was preparing for his title fight against Shane Mosley.
Obama and Pacquiao are two of the prominent people who joined the annual gathering which is held traditionally on the first Thursday of February each year and hosted by members of the US Congress in their behalf by The Fellowship Foundation, a Christ-centered organization. Read more.
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Aquino, who served as editorial cartoonist of the defunct Philippine Free Press for 25 years told Digital Journal that he did not know that Pacquiao would choose his painting as his gift to Obama.
"It's a big honor for me and my family that Manny chose my painting as gift to Obama. I thought he wouldn't notice it." said the talented UP-educated artist from Quezon City.
It isn't the first time that Pacquiao chose his paintings as gift to prominent people.
"During Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday celebration, Manny brought a painting and he handed it to Ali's daughter Leila," Aquino said. "I still don't know if Manny is aware that the painting came from me," he added.
As Pacquiao's official artist, Aquino has done many art pieces depicting Pacquiao's struggles as an aspiring boxer and his transformation as one of the richest athletes in the world.
Known for his humility and kindness, Aquino has shared his artworks—many of them with Pacquiao's signature—with friends and supporters of Pacquiao who are known art enthusiasts.