'American Sniper' to win again as it sets domestic war movie mark

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Tim O'Brien
Not only will "American Sniper" win for the third week in a row, it is now the highest-grossing war movie of all-time, domestically. It has passed "Saving Private Ryan."
 American Sniper  hits the right notes.
"American Sniper" hits the right notes.
Box Office Mojo
The domestic take for "Saving Private Ryan" was $216,540,909 and "American Sniper" has passed that and well on the way to much more. So, the domestic take for "Sniper" makes it the all-time leader, but add in the worldwide take and that tells a different tale. "Saving Private Ryan" has a worldwide take of $481,840,909, according to Box Office Mojo. These numbers do not take in inflation, as that is another ball of wax.
"American Sniper" still has a ways to go for that worldwide take of "Saving Private Ryan," but it stands alone for a war movie, domestically. This weekend shows three new wide releases that will not compete and will be lucky to score near $20 million. It is Super Bowl weekend and that sucks the life out of the box office. It does that to many events as it is the biggest sports and entertainment event of the year.
1. "Project Almanac" - 2,893 theaters
2. "The Loft" - 1,841 theaters
3. "Black or White" - 1,823 theaters
4. "Game of Thrones (IMAX)" - 205 theaters
5. "A Most Violent Year" - 818 theaters
Having "American Sniper" projected at around $30-40 million is a stunning figure considering much of the same demographics like football and this movie. "American Sniper" has set a new standard for a movie in January, but the usual for this month is slow. Even Sunday may play better than anticipated since the movie can be watched first and then the Big Game.
When the figures come in for the others, that will make more sense. Nobody is buzzing about "Project Almanac" or even the Kevin Costner film "Black and White." Costner has taken the talk show circuit, but it will not help. All eyes are on those Oscar-nominated films and its stars. They fill the talk shows and tell tall tales. As for "Project Almanac," a sci-fi film for kids, they hope. It should finish in second, so a decent outing for it is coming.
"The Loft" tries to get that adult crowd with its R-rated drama and suspense, but again, a tough weekend to try. "A Most Violent Year" goes wider.
Meanwhile, a TV show makes it to the big screen. No, make that the biggest screen in IMAX as "Games of Thrones" is released. This falls into a different type of release and it will be looked at differently. Much like when "Dr. Who" was released in theaters, this one can test the waters for TV shows making their way to movie theaters. "Game of Thrones" is rated R.
The "movie" for "Games of Thrones" relies on two shows in the series and it will feature a trailer for season five.