UFC 182: Jon Jones defeats Daniel Cormier

Posted Jan 4, 2015 by Owen Weldon
UFC 182 was headlined by the UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Jon 'Bones' Jones and Daniel Cormier, who ended up losing after going five rounds.
Jones answers a question from UFC host Joe Rogan
Jones answers a question from UFC host Joe Rogan
John Lucero
After months of trash talking, Jones vs Cormier took place last night at UFC 182.
The fight went five rounds, and the judges scored in Jones's favor, scoring the fight 49-46. This means the champion scored his eighth consecutive win as the light heavyweight champion. This also marks the first match Cormier has lost in his MMA career.
When the last round ended, the two ended up exchanging a few more punches before being sent to their corners.
After the match, Jones said at the post-fight press conference: “It’s so feasible, it’s so attainable. All I gotta do is stay focused. I do believe 2015 will be the year I solidify it.” He spoke about how he wants to become the greatest champion the sport has ever had.
The president of the UFC said that if Jones continues on the path he has been on, then he will probably be the greatest ever.