10 Fundamental Facts about Taylor John Williams of 'The Voice' Special

Posted Dec 15, 2014 by Earl Dittman
A member of The Voice's Top 5, the Team Gwen singer / songwriter reveals which song he wants to sing with President Obama, how he feels when he doesn't wear a hat, his love for an iconic psychedelic rock band and the Christmas tune he'd like to remake.
Taylor John Williams  a member of the Top 5 of  The Voice  Season 7
Taylor John Williams, a member of the Top 5 of 'The Voice' Season 7
Before securing a spot on Season 7 of The Voice, Taylor John Williams spent his days performing on the streets of his hometown of Portland, Oregon, in addition to working at the canine cafe of a doggie hotel. Making his way to the Top 5, the Team Gwen (Stefani) singer/songwriter will return for a performance with the finalists — Team Blake's Craig Wayne Boyd and Team Adam's Matt McAndrew, Damien and Chris Jamison — on this week's The Voice finale show.
Taylor John Williams, a self-professed songwriter, took time out his incredibly hectic and exciting whirlwind schedule to help expose...
10 Fundamental Facts about Taylor John Williams:
Taylor John Williams on  The Voice
Taylor John Williams on 'The Voice'
We've heard you do various types of music on The Voice, but you have a style very much your own. You love rock and folk, but people might be really surprised to discover that you are a huge fan of... "Hip-hop. I grew up listening to a ton of hip-hop music. The way that the greats are able to use this medium to completely toy with the English language is fascinating to me. It also influences the way that I write my own music. There is a certain melodic and lyrical flow that I always try to have present in my writing, even though I write more folk-oriented music. I think hip-hop has greatly influenced that."
We all know that President Obama can sing. So, if you were offered the chance to sing a duet with him, what song would you request? "'Anaconda' by Nicki Minaj…because…duh." (laughs)
If there is one song you wish you could have written, which one would it be? "'Pure Imagination.' It’s such a wonderfully inventive, beautiful and honest song. It’s funny that it doesn’t really exist for many people outside of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…but it should."
Pink Floyd (Nick Mason  David Gilmour  Roger Waters and Richard Wright) circa the mid-70s  around th...
Pink Floyd (Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Richard Wright) circa the mid-70s, around the time of recording 'Wish You Were Here'
If you were sent to live in isolation on a desert island and were allowed to take the entire album catalog of one artist or band, who would it be? "Pink Floyd. Their music is so wonderfully strange and pleasant at the same time, and never gets old to me. It’s hard to choose a favorite album, but I’m gonna go with Wish You Were Here. Genius."
You love wearing hats and look great in them. If you could design a hat line like Pharell's what would you call it? "Pants.' I'd call the line 'Pants.' (laughs) I’m only sorta kidding. Whenever I am without a hat, I feel like I’m not wearing pants. Could be an interesting name for a hat line…"
Taylor John Williams with  The Voice  coach Gwen Stefani
Taylor John Williams with 'The Voice' coach Gwen Stefani
Did you initially choose Gwen Stefani as a coach because she said you were "hot" at your first audition? "No, honestly it wasn't because of that. It was very flattering to hear but everybody, all the coaches, were in a very flattering state. It was more to do with her kind of pinning me as a writer based on how I sang the cover. Which I think was really cool and kind of unique. That's basically what won it for me. But, the hot thing was kind of cool."
Someone is granting you one super power, which one would you ask for? "I think anybody who says they would want any other super power other than the ability to fly, is a liar. It’s a cliché choice… but come on."
Okay, okay. Then, who is your favorite super-villain? "Magneto...even though he’s somewhat racist."
Jeff Buckley
Jeff Buckley
If you had the chance to collaborate with any musician, alive or dead, who would it be? What song would you like to do with them? "It would be Jeff Buckley. I would have been honored to sing anything with him. The guy had a way of being completely vulnerable and entirely in control at the same time. He had one of my favorite voices of all time."
Since Christmas is right around the corner, if you could remake any Christmas song which one would you like to re-conceptualize? "I would do a version of 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,' but change the lyrics so that the grandma got back up, chased the reindeer down in her 90’s Honda Civic hatchback, captured him and served him at Christmas dinner."
Tune-in to NBC to cast your final vote for your favorite The Voice Season 7 vocalist on Monday, December 15, at 8:00p.m.EST&PST / 7:00p.m.CST. On Tuesday, December 16, watch Taylor John Williams perform with the Top 20 on the live season finale at 9:00p.m.EST&PST / 8:00p.m.CST, and catch special performances by Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Hudson, Hozier, Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson and Lynryd Skynryd...on NBC.
Taylor John Williams on  The Voice
Taylor John Williams on 'The Voice'
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