At least five dead in Pennsylvania shooting spree

Posted Dec 15, 2014 by Micki Hogan
Five confirmed dead in a shooting spree that took place in four separate locations. Reports coming in say at least five have been confirmed dead. Authorities say death toll is likely to rise.
A local police SWAT team in an undisclosed town conducts tactical training focused on the apprehensi...
A local police SWAT team in an undisclosed town conducts tactical training focused on the apprehension of heavily armed and dangerous fugitives. The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team is the gold standard by which many local police SWAT teams in the United States measure themselves by, especially those in small suburban and rural towns.
Officials in Montgomery County, Pennyslavania have been scrambling since 4 a.m. when the first shots were fired in a violent and deadly rampage that took place last night.
The first call to 911 came from Lower Salford Township, Pennsylvania, which lead police to find one woman dead at the scene. The victim had been shot to death. Shortly after more shots were fired in nearby Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The second round of gunfire lead to the death of two more unnamed victims who were found shot dead. A third incident then took place at Souderton Pennsylvania, where two people were killed.
Currently; at a fourth location SWAT teams have surrounded a home at Penn and Highland avenues in in Souderton, where a suspect in the shootings was believed barricaded inside.
According to television news channel WPVI, an ABC affiliate, SWAT teams also reportedly responded to a fourth scene in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, though it was not immediately clear what they found there.
An unnamed source reported the WPVI, that at one point two children were believed to have been abducted but were later found safe.A neighbor to one of the victims told Action News reporter Annie McCormick;
I heard 3 or 4 gunshots. I heard the kids saying mommy no! mommy no!
One person was seen at the scene being taken by stretcher to a waiting ambulance at the location of the standoff. Authorities state that the death toll is likely to rise and that the investigation is currently on going.