Dead child found in trunk of car near Vancouver, woman arrested

Posted Dec 10, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
RCMP are giving out few details tonight in the case of a child found dead in the trunk of a car Wednesday in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey. They have said, however, that a woman they believe to be the mother has been placed under arrest.
Prison cell.
Prison cell.
Michael Coghlan
Sgt. Jennifer Pound, a spokesperson for the RCMP, has told media that around noon they got phone calls about a car that was in a ditch in South Surrey. They said the calls indicated "suspicious circumstances" in the 13900 block of 35A Avenue .
While investigating the vehicle they looked into the trunk and found the child's body. They have not revealed the age or gender of the deceased child. The RCMP do not believe the child died on the scene but do not know where the death occurred.
“We believe that the child was transported here," Sgt. Pound told media. "We don’t have a specific timeline on when the death occurred.”
The Integrated Homicide Investigative Team (IHIT) has taken over the case and the arrested woman remains in custody. The B.C. Coroner's office is also involved in the investigation.
It will be a few days yet, the RCMP said, before an autopsy can confirm the cause of death and they are not giving out any more information until those autopsy results are in.
Sgt. Pound said “officers are interviewing witnesses and canvassing the area for further information. Traffic in the area is being rerouted.”
Some media have reported the arrested woman is in fact the mother, but Sgt. Pound did not say that was the case, only that they believed that she is the mother of the dead child.