Review: 'Hart To Hart' season 3 now available on DVD from Shout! Factory

Posted Dec 9, 2014 by Mindy Peterman
The hit television show 'Hart To Hart' was popular for its romance, intrigue, and a fabulously wealthy couple working as amateur sleuths, and living to tell the tale.
ABC News
"This is my boss: Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire. He’s quite a guy. This is Mrs. H -- she’s gorgeous. She’s one lady who knows how to take care of herself. By the way, my name is Max. I take care of both of them -- which ain’t easy; ‘cause when they met, it was murder."
So began each episode of the television series Hart To Hart, which had a good five season run on ABC from 1979 through 1984. The introduction was voiced by Max (Lionel Stander), the assistant to the fabulously wealthy couple Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, played by Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.
Jonathan Hart is a self-made millionaire, the CEO of Hart Enterprises, a global electronics company. Wife Jennifer is a freelance journalist. With their monumental wealth, they have lots of time to play, and fancy themselves private detectives who each week get into all kinds of adventures. Intrigue, espionage, murder, mayhem. It’s all in a day’s work for the Harts, who come out of each dilemma with barely a hair amiss.
Without the playful chemistry between the characters, and the likability and popularity of the actors, the show might not have gained an audience. But Wagner’s cool charisma and Power’s beauty and charm more than made up for any silliness of the premise. The production team of Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg at the helm (working from an original idea by Sidney Sheldon) didn’t hurt the show’s chances either. Plus the exotic locales and fancy cars were always nice to look at.
Shout Factory! has been doing an excellent job issuing the series on DVD and, if you’re waiting for the next release, wait no more. Season three of Hart To Hart is now available just in time for the holidays. The 6-DVD set contains all 24 episodes of the season as they originally aired on ABC. No, the series isn’t streaming on Netflix. At least not yet. So this is the only way to binge watch the show.