Op-Ed: Canadian prairie church's Christmas tree stolen

Posted Nov 27, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
A two-metre Christmas tree destined for a church in Southey, an hour out of Regina, was stolen on Thursday. Thieves brazenly made a daylight raid over the lunch hour and had a lot of gall, likely targeting the biggest tree.
Christmas would obviously not be the same without a Christmas tree.
Christmas would obviously not be the same without a Christmas tree.
RCMP in the area say the thieves hit the tree lot at the south side of a service station during the lunch hour when staff weren't about. There were lots of trees in the compound, many of them apparently destined for non-profit organizations.
They do not have security cameras at service stations in small town Saskatchewan and that, along with the fact staff were having lunch, is the reason there are almost no clues as to whom the perpetrators were. In fact there was only one clue: the RCMP were able to ascertain that there was more than one person who committed the Christmas tree heist. They will not be lifting fingerprints from the tree compound, however.
The town, with a population nearing 800 folks, has four churches and the tree was supposed to go to the Lutheran Church (there's also a Roman Catholic, a Baptist and a United church).
Here's something interesting about Southey: it's a bit high-brow for a small town, that being because it is named after the English poet Robert Southey and because many streets in the town are named after a poet.
So with that in mind, here's a Christmas poem for the thieves:
Almost Christmas time, you Grinch-like tree-stealing prairie thieves
And the Southey Lutheran church would like to speak to you, please
For a sacred piece of Holy advice the church would like to you tell
If you don't give back the tree - you're going straight off to hell