Developer describes major flaw of Apple Watch

Posted Nov 19, 2014 by Business Insider
Apple on Tuesday released WatchKit, the company's software building tool for Apple Watch, and developers have already discovered a flaw in the operating system's design.
The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch
"The watch and the phone are constantly talking," an iOS developer who has used WatchKit told Business Insider. "The code actually sits on your phone. Only the [user interface] elements are on the watch."
The Apple Watch will be dependent on your iPhone to run virtually every application.
Your iPhone does all the heavy lifting while your Apple Watch acts like an extra display.
"This will present dev problems," said our source. "This can be overcome, but sharing app state and data will be tricky."
In fact, our source was surprised by how iPhone-centric the Apple Watch's operating system is.
"It's interesting how little the watch does; it seems that it literally does nothing except [user interface] work."
That doesn't bode well for the Apple Watch.
Apple is known for linking its products together, but the Apple Watch is so dependent on the iPhone to do anything that Apple has effectively added hundreds to the cost of their already pricey smartwatch.
On the other hand, Apple probably expects iPhone owners to be a large chunk of Apple Watch buyers.
But they probably want more than just another display to look at.
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