Skype rolls out web version of the application

Posted Nov 17, 2014 by George Varkey
Skype, the telecommunication software that enables voice calls and real-time messages over the Internet once again garnered the attention of the world by releasing a web version of the application.
Skype — The Internet phone.
Skype — The Internet phone.
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Skype for Web was announced on Friday, November 14
For the regular user of the application, the announcement brings forth good tidings. There is no requirement for downloading Skype software and then installing it on the computer from now on. All that a user requires is a browser and once the Skype plugin is selected and installed, the user is all set to start chatting. Skype promises that the experience would be just like using the existing PC version.
Skype has not mentioned whether browsers on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets can access this application.
The Web version, which is in beta, will be available for selected existing users and eventually for everyone.
Announcing the application, Skype Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jonathan Watson wrote in his blog that that now anyone with a computer and browser that has an Internet connection can make calls over Skype. The requirement will be available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari on PC or Mac. He said that an existing user will find all recent activities and contacts when signing in for the first time. Few selected users will get a special invitation to try the application, then the beta version will make way for Real-Time Communications (RTC), which in the following months will be made available worldwide.
Skype, owned by Microsoft, allows users to communicate over the Internet, by voice via a microphone and through video using a webcam. A user can also send instant messages. While there is no charge for Skype to Skype call, a Skype to landline or cellular phone calls will be charged.
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