Ferrari offers exclusive models to six enthusiasts

Posted Nov 6, 2014 by Joe Duarte
In the world of exclusive cars, they don’t come much more exclusive than Ferrari and the Italian company has just shot for the moon with its new “by invitation” model.
Ferrari is making just six Pininfarina Sergios and they re all spoken for. Although not yet finalize...
Ferrari is making just six Pininfarina Sergios and they're all spoken for. Although not yet finalized, the new model will reportedly be based on this concept shown at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.
Only six Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio models are destined for production and they’re all spoken for, with deliveries expected in 2015. The Pininfarina Sergio is not one of those cars you order and Ferrari builds for you, though, if you happen to have several million dollars lying around. Rather, you had to be invited by Ferrari for the opportunity to own one. And you had to sign up not really knowing what it’s gonna look like. That hasn’t been worked out yet.
Based on a 2013 concept by design-house Pininfarina as a tribute to legendary designer Sergio Pininfarina (who was integral in creating Ferrari’s mid-rear engine configuration), the car will reportedly be a two-seat Barchetta (lightweight sports car), built on the Ferrari 458 chassis (which means it will house a 570-hp 4.5-litre V8 behind the driver, as Sergio would have wanted it, and send power to the rear wheels, naturally). And it will likely only come in red and have a windshield.
Ferrari's racing Barchettas didn't find a need for windshields (primarily because glass adds excessive weight) and the concept remained true to that design cue, but not having one on a street car would require the driver to wear a helmet.
CNN Money reported six enthusiasts (not necessarily billionaires, but people who have shown an affinity for Ferrari models over the decades and probably already have several in their garages) were selected by the company to order the car and all signed up. They’re based in Europe, Asia and the U.S.
If you didn’t get the call from Ferrari for the chance to order one, maybe you can console yourself with owning not just a Ferrari but actually owning a part of the company. Following its acquisition of the Fiat Group and a head-office move to the U.S., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has announced it will cut the brand loose from its Fiat strings, with an IPO of 10 percent of its shares in 2015.
FCA chairman Sergio Marchionne often stated concerns over Ferrari losing its luster under the Fiat umbrella, so it made sense to spin Ferrari out at this time and use the cash infusion from the IPO to help with Chrysler’s turnaround in North America.