HP unveils more 'stylish' smartwatch

Posted Nov 3, 2014 by Nate Smith
Hewlett Packard and fashion company Gilt unveiled Friday the latest smartwatch available now to consumers ahead of the holiday shopping season.
Gilt Photo
Design of the new MB Chronowing features a more traditional circular design, which is a break from what buyers have seen from emerging smart watches to date.
HP enlisted the advice of professional fashion designer Michael Bastian to help create sleeker smart watch appearance.
"As a men's designer, I'm very interested in all of the recent developments in the 'tech wearables' category — particularly smartwatches," said the fashion designer in a statement on his website. "With the early devices I've seen, the design and feel of the watch takes a backseat to the technology… I really felt there was a need for a device that looked and felt like a stylish watch first."
Existing market smart watches have featured a more rectangular design.
For its traditional look, the watch does not have standard hands, and instead features an LCD, monochrome display.
It's water-resistant and capable of displaying for its wearers text messages, stock market updates and sports score alerts. It can also keep its user's calendar and send e-mail.
The device does not include every feature available in existing market smart watches. It can't, for example, track an individual's heart rate.
The watch is available for $349. A limited edition version made of sapphire-glass crystal and featuring an alligator strap is also available for $649.
Standard-issue leather,nylon and rubber straps will be available.
The watch comes only in 300 MB models. It is controlled by an application compatible with either Android or iOS services.
HP Chronowing | FindTheBest
On sale Nov. 7, the device will be sold exclusively at
The next biggest anticipated smartwatch launch will be the Apple Watch, which comes out next year.