Op-Ed: Most interesting venues for a work Christmas party 2014

Posted Nov 3, 2014 by Katherine Ogilvie
Work Christmas Parties can start to feel a little predictable, Christmas in general is fun but can get a little repetitive year-on-year. So, why not add some variety and excitement to your Christmas party by choosing a venue that’s a little different?
Covent Garden s Christmas tree in London.
Covent Garden's Christmas tree in London.
Tony Hisgett
An Aquarium Christmas Party
The SeaLife London Aquarium is a fundamentally intriguing place and makes for a fantastical backdrop to a truly unexpected Christmas event. You’re surrounded by the entertainment for the evening; the night starts with a walk above the electrifying “shark walk,” where the sharks are under your feet. There are various collections of fish for guests to explore such as the deep, the pacific ship wreck and the rain forest.
The night includes, a three-course meal, after meal DJ and disco, comes with a fully stocked bar (unlimited until 12 p.m.) and if the exotic fish and sharks weren't entertaining enough for you there are divers in with them that can be instructed to do whatever you wish.
Catering to parties from of 10 to 200, this will provide your office with a memorable Christmas event no matter the size of your staff.
A Christmas party at this venue strikes a good balance between being impressive and professional whilst adding something a bit different from the usual. So if you invite clients or business associates to your Christmas events it’s an original yet reputable setting.
Christmas Ping Pong
Incorporating an activity to the Christmas party can help to break the ice and integrate different groups. This can be especially helpful if your organisation has a lot of departments that aren't necessarily well acquainted with one another.
Bowling can be good option but a little done to death, so how about you try some Christmas ping pong this year at Bounce?
It’s supposedly built on the very spot that Ping-Pong was created on and provides a relaxed but surprising upmarket atmosphere with a light-heated group activity get people interacting.
It’s a little wacky but why not go for something that breaks the Christmas traditions this year? Get away from the cliches and give everyone something fun and refreshing.
It will probably come as a welcome break, giving everyone a chance to unwind after a hard year’s work before a hectic Christmas period. The menu options of antipasti and pizzas provide a fun and tasty alternative to a season of heavy roast meals that lay ahead for most of us in the Christmas season.
A Unique Historic Setting
If you’re looking for something unique but without a gimmick, then why not try Banking Hall? It’s a central London venue for hire which opened earlier this year. The venue is centrally located in Cornhill and even looks over the Bank of England.
It has dramatic, old world glamour with the Grade II art deco marble interior and can provide an astounding setting to any Christmas event. It was designed in the 1930s and effortlessly portrays a sense of elegance and heritage.
The organisers will cater to your vision for the event, so contemporary twists can be added and space can be adapted for groups ranging from 150 to 800 people. If you’re looking to go all out and impress for you Christmas Event then look no further.
Ski Lodge in London
If you’re looking to embrace the Christmas time fun instead of get away from it, then there are a couple of London based Ski-Lodge venues that will help everyone get in the festive spirit.
One option is Bodo’s Schloss in Kensington, it’s designed to mimic an Austrian ski lodge and for added authenticity the waiting staff even adorns Lederhosen. It has all the fun for skiing, the Austrian food and drinks out of a ski boot but you don’t have to leave London. Sure, it may be cheesy, but hey, isn't that what Christmas is all about?
Your second choice is the Montangue Ski Lodge; this garden space and grill is the perfect opportunity to wrap up warm and enjoy the crisp winter air and snow (the snow is guaranteed but unfortunately is unlikely to be real). It will feel truly Christmassy, with pine trees, snow men and bespoke liqueurs and vodka for the holiday season.