Erasmus student falls from Seville bridge while taking 'selfie'

Posted Nov 3, 2014 by Anne Sewell
A 23-year-old Polish student was rushed to hospital Sunday, after attempting to take a "selfie" of herself in front of Seville's emblematic Triana Bridge. She fell seven meters, landing on the concrete bank lining the river below. UPDATED.
Isabel II bridge (commonly known as Triana Bridge) in Seville  Spain
Isabel II bridge (commonly known as Triana Bridge) in Seville, Spain
Pedro M. Martínez Corada
The young woman, known to the media only by her initials, R.S.A., is part of the Erasmus student exchange program.
During what is believed to be her first visit to Seville, she decided to take a "selfie" photograph with the Triana Bridge, an iconic feature of the southern Spanish city, as a backdrop. However, in the process she managed to tumble over a low stone wall, falling seven meters down on to the concrete bank of the Guadalquivir River below. This apparently happened during the early hours of Sunday morning.
When emergency services reached the scene, they found she was in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest. After the paramedics performed CPR at the scene, they transferred the student to the Virgen del Rocio Trauma Hospital close by, where her condition is described as being "extremely critical".
A macaque behind the camera is probably the greatest  monkey  photographer in the world.
A macaque behind the camera is probably the greatest "monkey" photographer in the world.
J Unrau
"Selfie" is apparently considered to be the "word of the year" by the Oxford Dictionary and the phenomenon of taking photos of oneself and posting to the social media is a worldwide craze among the public, politicians and celebrities alike. The Pope has appeared in some and even macaque monkeys follow the trend (see right).
However, this is not the first case of a serious accident happening in Spain while taking "selfies." Back on March 18 this year, a young man was electrocuted, while attempting to take a "selfie" with his friends on top of a moving train in the Andalusian town of Andújar. He died after accidentally touching a high-voltage wire above the train.
In the U.S.A., after a recent story hit the media of a fake "selfie" taken with a bear, the U.S. Forest Service has warned the public not to try and get too close to the dangerous animals.
As with everything, moderation is best when memorializing a moment of life - just ask the two guys in the video below.
Update: It has since been reported that regrettably the student, Sylwia Rajchel from Murcia University, did not survive the fall.
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