Op-Ed: Jian Ghomeshi: Isn't anybody out there worried about him?

Posted Nov 2, 2014 by Marcus Hondro
Let's start here: I get it that Jian Ghomeshi would appear to have, allegedly has, done some lousy, mean, vicious things of a potentially criminal nature. I've even condemned him in a op:ed recently. But the whole country is condemning him now.
Jian Ghomeshi: Acquitted by the judge or by mistakes made by police and prosecution?
Jian Ghomeshi: Acquitted by the judge or by mistakes made by police and prosecution?
Photo by CBC handout.
Here's this though: the accusations against him, for we are not even at that place where he's actually been charged with anything except in the media, are serious. The women involved were wronged, some carrying it around for over a decade. Getting punched, choked, allegedly, that has gotta be frightening and an experience that stays with you.
Jian Ghomeshi: from icon to creep
But he's fallen farther from grace than anyone I can remember having done. The Canadian radio personality's PR team left him, his agency, a musician, Lights, who he's managed for a dozen years dumped him, his old bandmates from Moxy Fruvous released a statement that condemns him, friends have distanced themselves, old girlfriends, including ones who were not attacked by the man, have written tell-all pieces about him, all manner of citizens have spoken against hm, his former-employer took his photos down from their halls, and colleagues abandoned him.
It is as if everyone, the entire country, is against the guy now. Arguably fair, certainly of his own doing (allegedly) - but wow. I mean a few short days ago he was a Canadian cultural icon and now - a creep. He's loathed, reviled. Combined with whatever horrid compulsion lives inside of him that he uses to motivate himself toward being violent to women who were simply looking for companionship and love, as we all do with our partners, combined with that, all of this condemnation being hurled at him has to leave him in a very dark place indeed.
Should we help Jian Ghomeshi help himself?
First things first: he has to stop playing the game of "well, it was all simply a part of a healthy enjoyment of BDSM" and tell us what he's done, what he is, what he wants to move away from being. He has to apologize to his victims and take his punishment stoically. If he manages to do that then all of those women he harmed - who we hope are now getting any help they need - can move toward forgiving him, and so can we. And if he does all that then shouldn't we hold out an olive branch?
Because I don't think Jian Ghomeshi is evil but rather he's sick (allegedly) - and he must be in a distressing and a terrible place and, well, he has contributed to our country, has been a force in Canada and we maybe owe him just a little. After all, keep in mind that a state of bleakness is only withstood for so long before something gives.
Surely we don't wish him ill.
So in the midst of all this condemnation, maybe we should at least prepare to be compassionate. Down the road. To look to making the end of all this a positive for all concerned, the women involved, women who suffer alone with abuse, society and even Jian Ghomeshi. How? Not sure. Just an ideas guy, I throw it out there, someone else has to figure it out.
And finally, hey- isn't anybody out there worried about him?