E-cigarettes and vaping banned on London public transport

Posted Nov 1, 2014 by Simon Crompton
The sudden rise in popularity of E-cigarettes has helped many people ease or eliminate their need for cigarettes, but has left the law playing catch up. Vaping is finally having rules and laws put into place to make it more difficult to do.
The e-cigarette market is worth about $3 billion (2.3 billion euros) annually  with more than 400 br...
The e-cigarette market is worth about $3 billion (2.3 billion euros) annually, with more than 400 brands of flavours
Paul J. Richards, AFP/File
Transport for London (TfL) banned the use of electronic cigarettes on their entire transport network back in August, but confirmed it last week. Prior to that vaping had been banned on the tube, but the decision made two months ago extended the ban to all TfL premises.
Fines can be levied against anyone vaping or using an e-cigarette on trains, buses or any stations, depots or platforms. Bus stops are exempt from the rule because TfL does not have any authority over them.
“The full inclusion was brought in this August to remove potential for confusion and allow staff to approach any customer either smoking or using an Electronic Smoking Device with confidence, ensuring that the No Smoking ban is fully enforced,” said Jill Collis, Director of Health, Safety & Environment, to the Evening Standard.
"This would mitigate any residual potential fire risk and reduce the potential for staff assault by providing clarity and consistency in the treatment of all customers using our services.”
Although smoking has been banned on public transportation since the 1980s, there is a large difference between smoking and E-cigarette use, says E-Cig Twigg. So far there has not been much of a public outcry, and TfL has said they have had no issues with passengers concerning the rule change. The ban was extended to e-cigarettes without consultation with passengers.
Steve Booth, owner of the Vapeshack, an e-cigarette retailer and café in Ealing told the BBC that he would be surprised that TfL staff could confuse an e-cigarette and a tobacco cigarette, “As far as people thinking that you are smoking tobacco, I think that is a crazy notion.”
“Vaping is becoming very mainstream and the new devices that most people are using do not resemble conventional cigarettes in any way.”