Staff gets distracted by thief after she squirts her breast milk

Posted Oct 29, 2014 by Owen Weldon
On Monday a mother in central Germany decided to come up with a different kind of method to allegedly steal from a pharmacy.
Yug - wikimedia commons
The woman lifted up her top and then squirted some breast milk at them. According to Local, the incident occurred at a pharmacy in Darmstadt, Hesse.
Police reported that the woman went into the store around 4:30pm and asked to buy a breast pump.
When the employee went to get her a pump, she popped open her top, pinched her nipple and squirted milk in everyone's faces.
After she did that, she walked up to a different register and did the same exact thing.
According to Entertainment Wise, she ended up getting around $100, but employees at the store didn't notice the money was missing until later on. This is because everyone was distracted by her antics.
All of the workers were repeatedly sprayed in the face with her milk, according to Death And Taxes.
As of now it doesn't look like police have arrested anybody, but police have described her as having long dark hair that was tied into a ponytail, as well as speaking in an unknown language. They also described her as having a robust figure.