Man arrested after asking his probation officer for weed via text

Posted Oct 24, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A man was arrested after he accidentally sent his probation officer a text message asking if they had any weed that he could buy.
by avin
According to CNET, Alvin Cross Jr, reportedly thought he was texting his drug dealer, but it was actually his probation officer. WALB reported that the text message read "You have some weed?"
The text message resulted in Cross's home getting raided, according to Gawker. During the raid authorities found a bag of cocaine, and Cross was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine.
According to Telegraph, earlier this week Cross pleaded guilty to the charge and he was sentenced to another year in jail.
Cross was in violation of his probation, and he was also sentenced to serve another year for violating the conditions of his probation.
Cross was on probation for an armed robbery offense back in 2006. He served 15 years for the crime, according to Huffington Post.
This is not the first time a person got themselves arrested after sending a law enforcement official a text attempting to arrange a drug deal. Last year a man accidentally sent a detective a text saying that he had weed for sale. The New Jersey man was arrested and charged.