Woman tries to sell her imaginary friend on eBay

Posted Oct 20, 2014 by Owen Weldon
A young woman from England is trying to sell her imaginary friend on eBay on the advice that was given to her by her psychiatrist.
Shaking hands with someone
Shaking hands with someone
Georgia Horrocks, of London, explains in the ad that her imaginary friend, Bernard, manifested at a time of emotional instability, back when she was a child.
Horrocks, 22, also said that her psychiatrist recommended that she says bye to him. The ad also states that it is important for her fake friend to find a good home, even though she is looking for some financial compensation, according to Metro.
According to The Daily Telegraph, Horrocks is hoping to get as much as AUD 367. She said that the winner of the auction will receive Bernard via imagination.
This is not the first time someone has tried to sell an imaginary friend. In 2007, a man listed his imaginary friend on eBay, and said that he was 27 years old — and he didn't need his fake friend he just wanted to move on. He also said that his friend was easy to get along with and that he would send what he likes and doesn't like, as well as his personal self portrait.
The man, who was also from England, managed to sell his imaginary friend for $2,750.