FedEX 'dumb-luck delivery error' provides a $100,000 drug bust

Posted Oct 17, 2014 by Nancy Houser
Three suspects are in Harris County Jail after their cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin incorrectly went to a nearby resident, erroneously delivered by a smiling FedEX worker. FedEX was then charged by the Grand Jury for delivering illegal drugs.
FedEx 25kg Box
FedEx 25kg Box
Jacob Bøtter
A significant drug bust, the correct address also contained a variety of weapons, including an AR-15 rifle and $6,700 in cash, placing Michael Taylor, 45, Stephanie Adams, 30, and Leslie Peck, 32, on charges of both illegal drugs and weapons. The five-year-old sleeping child belongs to Stephanie Adams, who was found smoking meth in the next room. Child Protective Services now has custody of the minor.
Some of the illegal drugs found by Sheriff Adrian Garcia and his investigators, from a tip sent via the county's iWatch app, were black tar heroin, cocaine, codeine, hash, LSD, marijuana, morphine, prescription painkillers, steroids, and a variety of drugs that are normally prescribed to cancer patients. The anonymous tip assisted the authorities in arresting the three individuals.
Unfortunately, FedEX is in serious trouble with the federal government as they were involved with the shipment of the illegal drugs. According to the Consumerist, "This occurs over a year since the UPS agreed to pay $40 million to settle federal charges that it knowingly made shipments for illegal online pharmacies, a federal grand jury has indicted FedEx for similar allegations."
"... a federal grand jury indicted FedEx on multiple charges, including Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances, Distribution of Controlled Substances, Conspiracy to Distribute Misbranded Drugs and Misbranding Drugs, because it allegedly turned a blind eye to shipments from operators of illegal pharmacies."
FedEX states they have done no wrong, as they repeatedly asked the government for lists of allegedly illegal online pharmacies and received nothing. “Whenever DEA provides us a list of pharmacies engaging in illegal activity, we will turn off shipping for those companies immediately… We are a transportation company — we are not law enforcement.”