Pet parrot returns after 4 years and now speaks Spanish

Posted Oct 14, 2014 by Owen Weldon
Four years ago a pet parrot disappeared, but the owner has been reunited with him. However, the parrot now speaks Spanish.
African Grey Parrot
The African Grey Parrot is one of the most intelligent birds.
L.Miguel Bugallo Sánchez / Wikimedia Commons
The parrot, named Nigel, spoke English and had a British accent when he disappeared, according to Consumerist. Last week, Nigel was reunited with his owner, and the owner doesn't know where Nigel was or what he did while he was gone, but apparently the African grey parrot learnt Spanish. His British accent is now completely gone.
According to Daily Breeze, Nigel was found after a veterinarian ran some ads for her own missing African grey parrot. Someone contacted her, believing they found her parrot, but it ended up being Nigel.
Nigel had a microchip, and eventually the owner was contacted. At first the owner said Nigel wasn't his, after he was asked if he lost a bird, but he thought the veterinarian meant recently. However, it was soon verified that Nigel was indeed his bird, but he went missing years ago and didn't return.
Nigel's owner said the bird is doing just fine, and that he knew it was him when he spotted him. He did say that Nigel bit him when he first picked him up.
The veterinarian said that Nigel's behavior wasn't unusual, and that he will settle back in soon enough.