Interview: Casey James talks 'Fall Apart' single and LMC Truck Special

Posted Oct 8, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Casey James chatted about his newest radio single "Fall Apart," as well as his partnership with LMC Truck.
Country singer Casey James
Country singer Casey James
official cover art for Casey James' 'Fall Apart'
"I am very, very excited about 'Fall Apart'," he said. "It's a great song and I love it, and it got me started with the new record. This song is the closest thing to the last record and a great introduction to the new album. It's kind of a segue between the old and the new record. I just love the lyrics, they are so real and descriptive. They really paint a picture of the situation."
James added, "This record was an interesting change of a mindset. I really wanted every single song to be as powerful as it can be, in whatever form it was going to be. If it is a love song, it really needs to say something powerful in regards to that. Every song is compelling and that's what I was shooting for. I wouldn't say that there is an overall theme on this record. I wanted to make every song count and be the best song possible, as far as the way I perform it. I didn't want any weak links on the record in any place, and I am very proud of that."
Throughout his career, the former American Idol alum has performed in major festivals, and he plays over 200 dates a year, an impressive milestone for any musician. He hopes that he will be able to play a few dates in "The Big Apple" in the near future. "I love it up there in this time of the year. I would love to be looking at the beautiful scenery of New York. I would love to do a whole little tour in the Northeast," he said.
Regarding his partnership with LMC Truck, he said, "I am excited about working with them since it came very naturally. I talked with them for a while, and it's rare that you find somebody with the same mindset as you, in order to partner up and work together. I am a truck enthusiast. It's something that I have always loved and I built a vehicle or two from one of their magazines and catalogs over the years. It has been an amazing situation so far, and I think it will be great for anybody who knows about it."
To learn more about country singer Casey James and his new music, check out his official homepage.