Review: Casey James soars on new country single 'Fall Apart' Special

Posted Oct 3, 2014 by Markos Papadatos
Country singer Casey James is back on the radio airwaves. He soars on his latest country single, the ballad "Fall Apart."
Country singer Casey James
Country singer Casey James
official cover art for Casey James' 'Fall Apart'
His new song was co-penned by Will Bowen and Josh and Zach Carter, which are known as the duo Kingston. It is the lead single from his upcoming studio album. James was previously heard on country radio stations, with such Top 25 hit singles as "Let's Don't Call It a Night" and "Crying on a Suitcase."
"Fall Apart" commences on piano and it has a haunting vibe; moreover, it builds up into a powerhouse, orchestral ballad, driven by James' bold and rich vocals. It has a neat echo effect, which elevates it to a higher level.
"Every time I run into you, Baby I go a little crazy inside, Tell myself I gotta breathe, Try to get my heart to beat, Photographs, memories, Fade away easily, But you're right here in front of me," James sings.
b]The Verdict
Casey James never disappoints with his musical work, but there is something magical about his ballads. Ever since he sang his rendition of Shania Twain's "Don't" on American Idol, I have been very impressed with his ballads, and "Fall Apart" is another gem that ought to fare well on the airwaves. James' newest single garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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