Pot grower posts weekly grow reports on YouTube and gets arrested

Posted Sep 29, 2014 by Owen Weldon
Police in Las Vegas raided a marijuana grow house with help from the grower, who was posting weekly updates on YouTube showing off his crops.
Some marijuana
Some marijuana
eggrole (CC BY 2.0)
Last Friday, police arrested Jeff Pelletier, 33, and his wife, 35-year-old Stephanie, after they were tipped off about the videos.
According to CNN, in the videos, Pelletier described his operation, as well as the light setup and even the number of plants he had.
Lt. Laz Chavez, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, said Pelletier was a hardened criminal and he has a very serious criminal record that includes drugs and guns.
In Pelletier's YouTube bio, he brags about how he won first place in the 2012 "Kush Expo" in Los Angeles, according to New York Daily News. His bio also says he owns and operates a collective in the southern California area
Pelletier's YouTube channel had dozens of videos, and they accumulated more than 1 million views.
Some of the videos included "product reviews," and in one video Pelletier said that everything was coming along awesome, and that he had no complaints.
Members with the Southern Nevada Cannabis Operation and Regional Enforcement seized dozens of plants in the home Pelletier and his wide was renting.
Pelletier was arrested and jailed on Friday, and he faces a number of possession charges.