Op-Ed: Bush/Cheney foster ISIS-ISIL

Posted Sep 28, 2014 by Robert Weller
Once again former President George W. Bush and his careless gun-handling vice president, Dick Cheney, are getting off the hook. Let's blame the black guy.
Dick Cheney waited years for a heart donor.
Dick Cheney waited years for a heart donor.
Karen Ballard
The lead story in Sunday’s New York Times is about how President Barack Obama said he underestimated ISIS/ISIL during an interview with “60 Minutes.”
He conceded Iraq-Syria and some other lesser known countries had become “ground zero for jihadists around the world.”
Several years ago Obama's military commanders began referring to the various jihadist groups as "franchises."
Bush’s cohorts will take that to mean the United States should have stayed on in Iraq until the end of time. Republicans in the House are ready to pile on the bandwagon if Obama is persuaded to send troops. Why regional power Turkey shouldn’t be doing this remains unanswered. Some may wonder if America has a death wish.
What it also means is that without the 2003 invasion of Iraq, it is possible al-Qaeda would never have escaped Pandora’s box. If Bush had focused on killing Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, several thousand Americans and hundreds of thousands of living breathing people might still be alive from Iraq to Kabul. Even the nation’s top news sources, including the very same New York Times, was coopted into the search and invasion for weapons of mass destruction Saddam Hussein had ditched to try to save his life.
Most of the nation’s top editors and publishers live on the East Coast. They were traumatized by the 9/11. It was only natural they would seek revenge.
Should they be forgiven for forgetting that when you seek revenge dig two graves.
Not even the gladiator-laden Roman amphitheaters had seen the likes of what to come, though spectators couldn’t eat French fries. Giant, gas guzzling SUVs had become the dinosaurs of the land, guaranteeing Saudi Arabia and other countries could do as they pleased.
Cops who couldn’t get to the fight shaved their heads, wore Kevlar, drove around in armored cars and shots black kids carrying weed. Soldiers who used to retire after 20 years became mercenaries.
The billionaires who run professional sports and prisons were the only ones who could match this kind of money-making potential.
The draft was eliminated, minimizing the impact on the rich and middle class. Video games drew kids to the ranks, unfortunately they did not include sequences where soldiers would be disable and unable to get timely medical care. The worst was less visible, PTSD.
Even when it became clear NFL stars were suffering similarly, and in some cases guilty of domestic violence, it was nothing more than collateral damage.
Lastly, it helped the military unload the baggage of the defeat in Vietnam.